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and just not giving a fuck.


my hair fell flat today,
but the weather was nice for a change.
i finally opened the windows,
and invited mother nature inside for a visit.
she delighted me with so many stories.
before she left, she whispered that i might want to
prepare my scarves for one of the most beautiful winters.
then again, she is one rather indecisive lady.


Dearest Love,
I have enclosed what is the sketch of my tattoo after its finalization. I hope that you understand this is an art project in itself that truly speaks to me. So much that I might not be capable of translating nor converting its value into figures that you can comprehend. Best of luck to you.



those days sometime seep back into my memory.
those days of sitting at red tables.
those days of lying in the grass.
those days of random, humid, midnight walks.
those days of painting on canvas.
those days of listening to indie music while drinking outside.
those days of those friends.

those days where it all began.
they're contagious.
leaving behind ambivalence.


new tattoo,
but it's unfinished.
...i've decided.

anddd i wish i had finished what i began.
i've been watching a lot of dance lately,
and it's made me sad.


Oh My.

My, my, my.
It feels like ages since I've written you.
I've missed it, I admit.
Things have been very busy, and I've
been extremely tired and drained.
But the moments have been wonderful
and the photographs have been plentiful and even better.
And since then, I've made some great finds
and purchases.
(UO bee anatomy & feather with a splash of blue necklace)
(Vintage, hand-crafted keychain)
(January '09 Coach Signature)
(September '09 Coach Heritage Stripe)
(Vintage silver, gold, and rhinestone encrusted ring)
(Handcrafted ring, bone material?)
(Vintage golden ring)
(Simply charming)
(Armani aviators)



Rachel Zoe has the best job in America.
Hands down.




mistakes are made,
but this video was not one of them.
It's very beautiful and clever.



Leather and jeans, garage glamorous,
Not sure what it means, but this photo of us
It don't have a price, ready for those flashing lights,
'Cause you know that baby, I,

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me,
Baby there's no other superstar you know that I'll be your


I'm enjoying

my legality.
I sure am--just hope I don't become an alcoholic.
I'm sure it'll all pass.
Until then, I'll just keep sipping my Hypnotiq.

P.S. I'm going to murder the dance floor tonight.

K, thanks.


Last night

was another great night. A friend and I drove back down to New Orleans to visit another friend who has about five weeks left of her pregnancy. We went shopping for a few hours, and I bought a new Coach wallet. We ate at the Hard Rock where the waiter recommended the best meal that made my taste-buds absolutely tingle. Afterwards, we headed to Café Du Monde and had coffee and beignets. If I'm ever asked which moment in life I would want to relive, it would be sitting with those two good friends at the café while we felt the atmosphere of New Orleans close in around us. It was marvelous, and made my soul smile. I've been to New Orleans many times, but it seems that with each visit, I to become a tourist once more. Here are a few pictures:



Tegan and Sara - Call It Off

These three songs remind me of the actual start of my life
because it was at this time period when I was obsessively
riding around with my windows down and the volume up.
A time in between two milestones where I was truly free,
yet still bound at the same point.




My first Decadence was a hit. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend of laughing, sleeping, zigzagging through huge crowds, and drinking, drinking, drinking. Bourbon was most definitely alive this time around. The weather was disappointing here and there--sweltering heat and humidity, and random drizzle--but the shots of Patron numbed most of the outside influences. Too much Patron can cause one to fall down a flight of stairs in a drunken tumble...I'm just saying. ;-) The haters rolled through the festival with their anti-gay signs and I managed to capture a picture. Sunday was our recovery day, and I found myself in a little shop called "Fifi Mahony's". I've heard of the one-of-a-kind wig and makeup shop through small talk, and discovered that one of my best friends' sister works there. It really is such a small world. One day I'll live in New orleans...I just know it.

Here are a few pictures taken on my phone. It definitely did not produce the best ones, but it's all I had on me.


Weekend Plans

I won't be posting much this weekend.
I'm off to work until 9PM, and then
I'll be departing for New Orleans!

My first Decadence.
L O V E .

Be back Sunday night.


Hell Yeah

This makes my heart pound.
I'm beyond excited.

The Fear

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
‘Cuz everyone knows that’s how you get famous
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner


I'm sitting outside under a light, and I'm trying to acquire the taste of tea. I can hear the murmur of voices and the buzzing of the night bugs. The weather isn't too warm, or too cool. I've been thinking though. I have felt a massive increase in my potential lately. Potential for greater art, expression, friends, travels, and tastes. First things first, I need to purchase a camera...and I don't mean a digital one. Second, I need a short trip to anywhere--this weekend?...maybe New Orleans, but I don't know.

I just don't know.

I no longer miss Ruston.
I no longer miss home.
I no longer miss certain friends.
I feel just right.
I'm here, and my soul is at peace.
Although I can sense significant change in the wind.
It puts butterflies in my stomach.

Last summer

when I was in Europe, my friend and I took a ride around Milan. And as we rode, I remember seeing a huge, digital screen for advertisements. The J'adore advertisement with Charlize Theron was playing--only it was in black and white, and had no sound. It was much more captivating on that day than it is below. It's whatever.



The Death of Marat


"Stieglitz photographed me first at his gallery "291" in the spring of 1917. … My hands had always been admired since I was a little girl—but I never thought much about it. He wanted head and hands and arms on a pillow—in many different positions. I was asked to move my hands in many different ways—also my head—and I had to turn this way and that. … Stieglitz had a very sharp eye for what he wanted to say with the camera. When I look over the photographs Stieglitz took of me—some of them more than sixty years ago—I wonder who that person is. It is as if in my one life I have lived many lives. … His idea of a portrait was not just one picture. His dream was to start with a child at birth and photograph that child in all of its activities as it grew to be a person and on throughout its adult life. As a portrait it would be a photographic diary."

Georgia O'Keeffe, 1978

The September Issue