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and just not giving a fuck.


i saw lady gaga

on sunday.
i've never felt more inspired.
such vulgarity, sexiness, love, and unity was in that stadium.
i'm forever a monster. =]

don't call me gaga.

this was so awkward that it excited me.


je veux ton amour et je veux ton revanche je veux ton amour.



well the end of the semester is here.
i've done well with everything.
except with biology...
epic fail.
and never have i failed at anything.
it's wasn't me, it was that class.
i swear.

anyways, it's winter break.
i'm thankful,
but getting up for work at 8am is really contradicting to the point,
and my thought, of a break.

next semester i pick my spanish back up. :)
and i get to take this really interesting sociology course.

until then,
one step at a time.
the moment i said it.
the moment i opened my mouth.

inspiration: class & elegance


i absolutely need these.
heart gaga.


where can i find one of these?
hella sexy.


today i lost someone who played an important role in my childhood.

today i found out that i wasn’t the only one.

and that i am more human that i had imagined.

oh, and that it could always be worse.

rather spontaneous and emotional.


this bad bitch is from brooklyn.

sometimes we kick it.


thoughts on thanksgiving.

i always seem to get bored and bitter when i come home.
maybe next year i won't celebrate the holidays.
i would rather go away and be by myself.
or just stay in with friends.

i did get to see a few of the family.
and that's always nice.
i also got my military id renewed,
and i finally found my passport.
i've been itching to use it.

i better get some sleep.
before i know it,
a black morning will arrive.
bringing with it a black day.
and eventually, a black night will fall.
so don't come to the mall tomorrow.
do me a favor.
instead, go roast marshmallows in a field.

in another world.

jane aldridge.
'sea of shoes'

she stole my life.
i want it back.


i missed my hair appointment.
rescheduled an hour before work.
i hate rushing.


i still haven't fully recovered.


still slightly ill, i gathered myself on my day off and drove to baton rouge. i acquired a really cool flask with paint splatters from urban outfitters. :) i saw a tall, thin, blonde-headed boy with magnificent tattoos on each arm and on his right foot (and god knows where else there may be some). i want my tattoos to have a deeper meaning. i'm yearning for something more below the surface in life, and for people to understand it. on the way back, i ignored the hour-long traffic jam, caught a glimpse of birds flying south for the winter, rolled down my window and blared my music. i haven't done that in almost a year. that was me just celebrating the anniversary.

it's 2am.
just got back from a long awaited meal at bww.
trying to get over this extreme case of sore throat.
possibly strep?
and trying to finish this outline.

writer's block.


edie sedgwick is one of the most amazing.
i see myself in her.
her ways.
and it saddens me that i didn't know her sooner.

el cuarto verde.

i went to this quaint, little bar last night.
full of sketches, paintings, and pool tables.
the smoke permeated my layered clothing.
i can still smell it today.


it's lonely to drink by yourself.

el cuarto verde.


save the nighttime for your weeping.


bourbon street.

and the best part is...
that's how i remember bits and pieces of the night:
one big, flashy blur.



the office.
downtown lafayette.

l a s t night.

dirty projectors & the givers with ashley and lauren.
such a good time.



one day it changed my life.
and now, i'm thinking about giving back.


it's been a while.
i get so busy sometimes, and i get into a funk.
i seclude myself.
that's what i've been up to...
work, school, and seclusion.
but it's a necessity right now.
this weather is absolutely perfect, and
i automatically want time to think.

i've been so much happier since summer.
those where some of the most depriving days ever.
and i never want to go back to that.
i actually smile when i think about the present,
reflect on the immediate past, or contemplate the near-future.
all of the people, both old and new, that i've crossed paths with have each added something valuable to
to my soul.

am i a fan of second chances?
i'll say yes to that.

change is good when taken seriously.
trust me, i should know.

this came in...
now i can die happily ever after.


those eyes were so bright and brilliant that i became afraid,
and then i looked away.


new project.

so i caved into the pressures of the technological world,
and i bought an iphone.
the best purchase ever.
hands down.
it keeps me busy, and sometimes
even distracted from what i should be doing.
i installed a polaroid app,
and i intend to take as many as possible.
here are the beginnings: