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and just not giving a fuck.


i saw lady gaga

on sunday.
i've never felt more inspired.
such vulgarity, sexiness, love, and unity was in that stadium.
i'm forever a monster. =]

don't call me gaga.

this was so awkward that it excited me.


je veux ton amour et je veux ton revanche je veux ton amour.



well the end of the semester is here.
i've done well with everything.
except with biology...
epic fail.
and never have i failed at anything.
it's wasn't me, it was that class.
i swear.

anyways, it's winter break.
i'm thankful,
but getting up for work at 8am is really contradicting to the point,
and my thought, of a break.

next semester i pick my spanish back up. :)
and i get to take this really interesting sociology course.

until then,
one step at a time.
the moment i said it.
the moment i opened my mouth.

inspiration: class & elegance


i absolutely need these.
heart gaga.


where can i find one of these?
hella sexy.


today i lost someone who played an important role in my childhood.

today i found out that i wasn’t the only one.

and that i am more human that i had imagined.

oh, and that it could always be worse.

rather spontaneous and emotional.