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Lafayette, Louisiana
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and just not giving a fuck.



the office.
downtown lafayette.

l a s t night.

dirty projectors & the givers with ashley and lauren.
such a good time.



one day it changed my life.
and now, i'm thinking about giving back.


it's been a while.
i get so busy sometimes, and i get into a funk.
i seclude myself.
that's what i've been up to...
work, school, and seclusion.
but it's a necessity right now.
this weather is absolutely perfect, and
i automatically want time to think.

i've been so much happier since summer.
those where some of the most depriving days ever.
and i never want to go back to that.
i actually smile when i think about the present,
reflect on the immediate past, or contemplate the near-future.
all of the people, both old and new, that i've crossed paths with have each added something valuable to
to my soul.

am i a fan of second chances?
i'll say yes to that.

change is good when taken seriously.
trust me, i should know.

this came in...
now i can die happily ever after.


those eyes were so bright and brilliant that i became afraid,
and then i looked away.


new project.

so i caved into the pressures of the technological world,
and i bought an iphone.
the best purchase ever.
hands down.
it keeps me busy, and sometimes
even distracted from what i should be doing.
i installed a polaroid app,
and i intend to take as many as possible.
here are the beginnings:


tegan & sara are coming to new orleans, and i'll be there no matter what. i'd sell my soul. pre-sale begins tomorrow at 10am, but i'll be in class. i'll be prepared for anything though. this is my dream come true. i'll be able to die happily now. :)


No motivation...
for anything.
And I have a ton of shit to do.

Wish me luck?


I found this silver ring today at a Chinese restaurant. She gave it to me for 3$. Loveee.

Holy Hell.

I've just fallen in love with Alex Turvey.
Such amazing detail and color.
Literally, I just died.
Check him out.



I just realized that today is the first day of October.
That only means 30 more days until Halloween,
and, more importantly, New Orleans!
I need to decide what I want to be because the
"hippie" look from last year isn't going to cut it.
Last night began so early. Two girls from my fashion class, and myself, went to the 13th Gate in Baton Rouge. It was soooo scary, but it just so happened that my body was laced with vodka pretty much from 7pm until 4am. A drunken night would not be complete without going downtown and dancing to the extremes. It was nice to visit some of the "straight" bars. The glares and awkward glances only fueled me. After all, I was just another normal person just trying to have fun. :)